The Rise In Mobile Gambling Popularity

By Online Pokies

The Rise In Mobile Gambling Popularity

Mobile gambling is quickly gaining popularity among the younger generation who are uninterested in traveling to a land based casino to play their favorite games. There are many mobile casino sites already operating and new sites being launched frequently.

Continuing advances in technology are helping to grow the mobile gambling industry. Many mobile casino games now boast the same live feature that allows online casinos to connect their players with real game dealers that they can see and interact with,making their experience more realistic and satisfying.

The growth of mobile gambling is nothing new as it has been one facet of the gambling industry since at least 2011. In the years since then mobile gambling is becoming more popular in the U.S. but also in countries such as Japan. One market study shows that by 2013 the mobile gaming industry in Japan was valued at $5.4 billion. The previous year the country’s mobile gambling industry was valued at 311.1 billion yen. Of all the gamblers living in Japan by 2013 half of them do their gambling on their mobile device while in 2012 only 30% of them had been doing so.

The same year, more and more people were engaging in sports betting on their mobile devices. This is especially true in the U.K. where 4.3% of those who owned an iPhone had at least one app for a sports betting site. At the 2013 Mobile Gaming & Gambling Summit it was reported that 30% of those who played on mobile sports betting sites did so once per day. Of mobile sport bettors 54% of them engaged in the activity on a monthly basis.

By 2014 mobile devices were being used for online gambling more than desktop computers were. At that time 55% of those in the United States using the Internet were doing so on a mobile device. In 2015 it was determined that people were gambling on mobile devices more than they had in the past. While the average amount of time one would play a mobile game was two hours in 2015 it had only been one hour and 23 minutes in 2012. It has been estimated that by 2017 mobile gambling revenues from all over the world will exceed $100 billion. By 2018 it has been predicted that 164 million will gamble online using a mobile device.

As smart phone technology is even further developed mobile gambling is becoming even more popular. Many mobile friendly online casinos are already offering members exclusive bonuses for playing on their devices. Online casino software companies have made it a point to design software that can be used on all major smart phones. The graphics and sound effects of mobile casino games are created to be just as high quality as online casino games played on a desktop computer.

While gambling laws are different in each of the world’s countries, some countries have laws that specifically address mobile gambling while others have completely outlawed it.